I welcome you with open arms and an open, compassionate and authentic heart. The people who love me and know me best would say that this statement is perfectly fitting, because at the very core of my Being, this is who I AM. This is how I sing the Song of my Soul, by expressing myself by way of Sacred Service to others.  My Souls Journey has been one forged with passion, determination, adventure, integrity and purity of heart, as I walk a path of the Wounded Healer, suffering different forms of trauma and abuse from an early age and throughout different relationships. To cope with this, I naturally befriended trees, plants, animals and guides and allies from the unseen realms, who guided and supported me through the tempestuous times and still guide me today. As a lifelong Mystic, I have always had the natural ability to communicate with the unseen realms and with the Forces of Nature, which has been one of the greatest Healers in my life. All of this has been offered to me as the most profound gifts of life lessons and wisdom to be able to be of sacred service to others to assist them in their own Soul Journey. Walking this path has not been an easy one, but I have learned to take life as it comes and do my own inner work to release what no longer serves, which has helped me to discover the Healer within. I believe that the greater purpose for all of us is to love unconditionally, live an authentic life, be in loving and sacred reciprocity with community and the Living World and sing our own Soul Song in our Earth Walk as sacred servants and Stewards on our beloved 'Gaia' Mother Earth.
In Soul Service and Infinite Love,