• Gabriella Galvan

Uniting with Source: A Dance between Form and the Formless


The most difficult of strife and struggles that occur in our lives often bear the greatest fruits, if we are wise enough to see with the eyes of Love. A vast treasure awaits the seeker who is ready and available to trust and sink into the Mystery. I should know, I am surrounded by riches, the glittering gold extricated from the muck of my life in which trauma, abandonment and abuse in every form imaginable was a recurring theme and my tender innocence stolen from me. The most vital and essential ingredients that I needed to grow and flourish such as love, support, encouragement, nurturing, kindness, compassion and care were not available to me.

I compare my early beginnings to that of the lotus seed, buried and surrounded by rough, dirty and harsh conditions. But not all lotus seeds are successful, some start in the muck and stay there until they die. So I count myself amongst the lucky ones. One able to slowly rise above the suffering in life, for it is in the muck that my roots grow deep, strong and flexible, securely anchored under the surface of the water. Despite these harsh conditions, like the beautiful lotus flower, I grow and rise above life’s adversities into an awakened state of spiritual growth and enlightenment that moves naturally towards the warmth and light of truth and love of Source.

It is because of the harshness and tragedies of life that I have learned how to sacrifice selflessly, how to serve, how to love and care for another with compassion and kindness and how to tend to ‘the perennial garden’ of my own Soul. I have learned how to value and nurture myself and understand my worth as a woman and as the Divine Feminine upon this sacred planet. I have become a loving, nurturing, generous and loyal woman, serving every person who has crossed my path. And so, I am grateful for this sacred gift of life and everything that has come along with it, the trauma, suffering, death, despair, grief and sadness that we all shoulder as human beings.

This crucible of my life has forged and molded my Soul and serves as a reminder that for this short earthly time as we operate our physical vessel, we must know the darkness to understand and serve the Light. Please remember that the harshness of life is a catalyst, an initiation and is essential for us to experience for our Soul growth. Remember this. Breathe it in and crystallize this into your cellular memory as you go forth into your own lives. Settle quietly and travel deep within yourselves so that you may know how to operate from a place of pure love, consciousness and potentiality. Live a heart centered life, walk gently on the Earth and learn how to love the beauty and fragility that comes with being a human, but remember to open up to Source and allow it to guide and sustain you.

Unite with the Source of All That Is and learn the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the dance between Form and Formlessness. This path of enlightenment is the merging and uniting of the darkness and the light. The process of bringing about that union involves working with shakti, the Mother, directing and using the energy in form, in order to transcend that form and merge with the formless, Shiva.

As I have come full circle in my re-Membering, I don’t view enlightenment as an unattainable state of being that only Buddha’s ascribe to. To me, enlightenment is a journey about revealing the truth of what we already are, but have forgotten how to be. Ancient Cosmic Beings united with Source. This is my own journey to uniting with Source. A tiny sliver of this human life, amongst innumerable human lives stored in the Akashic Records of No Time. During times of struggle, if I somehow feel that I have lost my way, I know that I can rely upon the compass of my heart, the axis mundi and CenterPoint of my human existence, to lead me back Home.

With these words I offer myself as a shining example of one woman’s journey on a path towards enlightenment, and mikhushanku for Source.


A luminous star sister Filled with strength and light Lifted me up from the darkness Showering me with her love, She showed me my rightful place of honor And the darkness that settled around my heart Disintegrated into infinite shards of exquisite brilliant light

I surrendered

The veil dropped and The portal to my Heart opened and was filled With the vastness of Source, Filling me up and inhabiting my body Until I became One with it

Openly and trustingly I danced the dance of the Formless again

Casting away the Illusion And remembering the ALL The ancient codes were revealed to me, Geometric forms and mathematical calculations for The manipulation of Time/Space We worked the energy to lift the density to Show the way to the human race

Ancient cosmic beings filled with Source LOVE And Eternal servants of the Light We ARE

~ Gabriella Galvan

“Only That Illumined One Who keeps Seducing the formless into form Had the charm to win my Heart.

Only a Perfect One Who is always Laughing at the word Two Can make you know Of Love.”