" Spirit united Gabriella and I in 2013 and I am so very very honored and grateful to have her in my life.  Gabriella is an orb of brilliant flashing light.  She spreads love and light into the deepest darkest crevices and she does this with joy, integrity and commitment to her divine mission and service to the earth and it's beings. Nothing will ever capture her essence and beauty. Gift yourself with her presence in YOUR life - I am greatly and forever honored and blessed to call her my Sister."

~Debbie W.

"Gabriella has a powerful vision and sense of self - this energy is shared when working with her and helps facilitate the healing process.  She has a strong connection with her Spirit guides and allies, which allows for big work to be done on many different planes.  She has a huge heart - her compassion for others is tangible.  Her love of this work is woven into everything she says and does.  I experienced one of my most profound healing moments on the table with her - I felt safe and wrapped in the arms of the Beloved....I am forever grateful."

~Rebecca J.

"Gabriella was a very gifted student in my Gateway School of Shamanism. She is deeply intuitive with a kind and compassionate heart and is very skilled and a natural as a Shamanic Healer. Her gifts of walking between the worlds, tuning into nature and her guides and her clients is truly remarkable. I’m so pleased that she is honoring her natural skills as a medicine woman and sharing her gifts with those in need. Anyone lucky enough to experience her wisdom and healing will be sure to spread the word!"

~Deborah Wray~ Shamanic teacher and healer

"I have known Gabriella for quite a number years and had the honor to practice with her. Gabriella works with the utmost  integrity and a unique sense of compassion.
As a healer, when I needed personal help I called her with no hesitation. The results were almost immediate and amazing!
She brought me so much needed healing and she did it with so much compassion and dedication!
Thank you Gabriella for the wonderful gift of healing that you gave me and my soul!"


~Patty D~ Destiny Healer~

“I had never experienced a ceremony or shamanic cleansing before but to have Gabriella as the person to do it was an event that just leveled up my frequencies. I have been to many of her Ceremonies. Not only does she use authentic chants and materials but she does so in a southern comfort flare full of release and realness. Going in with an open mind and open heart allowed me to be fully grounded and truly appreciate life! She showed us how to make a despacho for prayers and blessings. While making the despacho, I put forth my energy and intentions... afterwards it was like a huge relief and I have more faith in my personal power by being able to connect with the world and others. After her ceremonies I feel so empowered! Gabriella is a truly wonderful guide and ceremonialist!”

~Ashley E.

"Gabriella is a very skillful shaman, one that I trust wholeheartedly. She is a clear vessel and easily travels between worlds. Her journeys on behalf of others are filled with practical and important information as well as wisdom. Her big heart transpires in everything she does. She is authentic, in alignment with her inner being, and walks her talk. This is what makes her a powerful and inspiring healer. Book a session with Gabriella! I promise you will not be disappointed!"

~J.B Austin, Tx.

"Gabriella is a warm, kind and compassionate woman who always comes from her heart with unconditional love. Just being in her light and high vibration raises the vibration of everyone around her. Gabriella has a deep connection to the Spirit Realm, Nature and to Mother Earth and her children - the animals, plants, minerals and people. I’ve been privileged to witness her dedication to her spiritual path and her commitment to doing her inner work releasing all that no longer serves her. In the process she’s revealed herself to be a gifted healer and shamanic practitioner who brings wisdom, intuition and a wide variety of skills and learning to her service empowering others. Anyone receiving healing, support and guidance from her is very, very fortunate. I’m ​grateful to know her and to have been able to share sacred space with her!"


​ ~Cynthia Greer~ Shamanic teacher, healer and ceremonialist

"Gabriella is one of my most trusted friends. I trust her with my life and my children. I started my journey with her eight years ago but I’ve known her for over 18 years. She has been a beacon of hope, love, faith and trust, amongst other things in my life. Her gifts as a healer are phenomenal and magical . She has helped me heal some very intense and deep childhood traumas as well as the traumatic death of my father who was brutally killed. She is kind, generous, compassionate, empathetic and a loving healer. I am blessed to have her in my life and I recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal and go in deep into their soul. She is a Blessing to Mother Earth and all her Children. You will feel her blessings if you allow her in…she is a Guiding Light in this  place we call Gaia. I highly recommend her…"


~Cindy Moreno~

"Gabriella is such a spark of divinity and delight. When going thru some intense personal struggles, Gabriella was always strategic in word, deed, and action as she offered words of encouragement, as well as inspirational journeys on my behalf. She is an adept in many realms and is a wealth of resources of which she shares freely. She has a genuine giving nature, is available, attentive, and beautifully frames the image of Shamanic Healer and Ritual Ceremonialist with integrity, stamina, and an alchemical transformation of personal growth, health and well-being! She is magical, mystical, and down to earth.To be in her presence is liberating!  She has foraged ahead in expanding her reach, and her seasoned modalities. We have had many precious times in ceremony over the years. One of the most profound journeys Gabriella performed for me, was when my son had shipwrecked his life with drugs and crime. She provided me with information that helped me to have clarity in my own life and the life of my son. She also revealed to me a health issue before I was diagnosed with it. I truly cherish  her wisdom and gnosos. "

~Vedya Ravi Kaur~ Stone Woman~

Dearest Gabriella,

"In the time we've known each other, my witnessing of your soul dance as sacred servant to human and non-human spiritualization has been nothing less than remarkable in its unwavering integrity of vision and purity of heart! You have all you need in fully being who you are...no further 'navigational ' skills are needed of you dear one, for as all true mystics who have wisely learned to swim in waters where the less initiated find their drowning, only smooth sailing lies ahead on this final leg of your 'journey to Ithaca.' I celebrate your blissful arrival in wholeness and as One with All That Is...."

~don Oscar Miro-Quesada

“It was such a joy and honor to learn under the tutelage of Gabriella Galvan this past weekend during our 3rd weekend of the Pachakuti Apprenticeship Series: The Condor’s Quest. I feel a deepening and a quickening in my relationship with Spirit, the unseen realms and our sacred Apus. Gabriella is able to artfully create a sacred container, encouraging all of us to maintain an open and reverent connection to spirit as we engage in ceremony and ritual throughout the weekend. She welcomes inquiry, dialog and connecting with our own wisdom as we engage in ceremonial practices…Gabriella’s commitment to the work and her students and her own practice is a love letter to spirit…felt by all!!”

Pachakuti Mesa Initiate

Laura Hatchett

Cochiti Lake, NM


“Gabriella teaches in the most heartfelt and loving way. I am truly honored to be attending the apprenticeship program under her unique and gentle guidance and grateful that Spirit has brought us together. Gabriella’s genuine love and dedication to her work will serve many students to come. I feel so blessed to be introduced to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition by a such a gentle spirit that lives and breaths her truth and deeply represents The Heart of The Healer. AHO”

Paige Ryan (humble apprentice)

Austin, Texas

“Gabriella Galvan is truly a gifted teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She has great ability to access and share healing energy to restore mind, body and soul. Thank you Gabriella, for opening my eyes and heart to the infinite potential that we all possess. As as student I was illuminated spiritually on this journey. A journey that started off with an open heart wanting to let go of everything and anything that was keeping me from growing in every aspect of my life . I am blessed to have witnessed and experienced pure healing,love and an infinite connection with Mother Earth. I feel at peace and am looking forward to the rest of this journey.”

Sending love, light and peace 
Pachakuti Mesa Carrier,

Dina Valdez
Mission, Texas